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You can move the boy and girl to the city, but some things stick.

C & C


Craig's always had a thing for bikes and as a kid, having the south Shropshire hills on his doorstep, he rapidly progressed from stabilisers to suspension as fast as his little legs could pedal him. Now a grown up and qualified Mountain Bike Leader Level 2, Craig will act as chief tour leader on a Muddy Cwtch ride, sharing his favourite childhood haunts and no doubt discovering some new ones with new friends.


With my Nutritional Therapy qualification (Dip. CNM BANT CNHC) and background working with small ethical brands and charities I’m behind the scenes doing all the planning, sourcing and cooking to make sure your trip is shaped to meet your expectations. With every meal I'm considering which food you’ll lick your lips, fill you up and keep your mind and body happy too.

Outside of Muddy Cwtch I provide accessible nutrition through Something on Plate.

Founders of Muddy Cwtch Craig and Charlotte

Founders of Muddy Cwtch Craig and Charlotte

Why us?

Here's a few reasons why you should choose to come on a Muddy Cwtch ride;

Because we’re qualified

Craig is a qualified Mountain Bike Leader Level 2 - so you can rest assured not only are you being shown the trails by a local, he's also had the correct training too

I'm a qualified Nutritional Therapist practicing in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, providing accessible nutrition for everyday and everyone.

Because we have local knowledge

Both of us started our lives off and grew up in the Shire (albeit in different parts), we met, did a 10 year ish stint in London but would always head home for regular airings. We launched Muddy Cwtch in 2015 and followed our hearts in 2016 moving back to Shropshire. Craig knows the twists and turns of the south Shropshire hills like the back of his hand. But we take our responsibility to you seriously and getting to know your bike and skills training form an integral part of your experience with us.